What’s Been Happening Lately?

1st Week of December 2007

I have just finished my OSCE exams the Friday before. That went alright…tried to be my smooth self as always. No hiccups though there was a surprise with that thyroid examination station. Missed a few parts (like washing my hands!) but generally it should’ve turned out alright. I give myself 7.5 out of 10, anything lower would make me sorely disappointed.

Spent the first few days just bumming and letting the wind blow me to wherever and whatever. Found some time to catch up with my backlog of anime as well as some good gaming time. Call of Duty 4 comes very highly recommended by me.

The Winery Trip (4th Dec 2007)
Highlight so far would be the usual winery crawl but this time to the Mornington Peninsula. Besides my usual wine kaki : Surein, Joel (small) plus Patti and her sister, Shirley came along as well. I resolved myself to get myself 2 bottles of Chardonnays and a bottle of Pinot Noir after prior research. I’ll let the tastings influence my decision as it goes along. We planned to hit 6 wineries in total: Dromana Estate, Main Ridge Estate, Port Philip Estate/Kooyong, Tuck’s Ridge, Stonier and Willow Creek. Sadly, Dromana Estate and Port Philip Estate/Kooyong were closed on weekdays.

In terms of aesthetics, Main Ridge and Willow Creek really stole the cake. The Main Ridge cellar door has that really Victorian look and feel to it. The winemaker, Nat White and his dog was there to welcome us. Soft-spoken and quaint old man but he was very kind to show us around and to talk to us. Willow Creek’s cellar door is off the modern bar type but it boasts an impressive panorama especially from it’s restaurant, Salix. We met the winemaker too… his name is Phil Kearney. Don’t you love it when you get personalized service!

In terms of wine, the Mornington is all about two varietals: Chardonnays and Pinot Noir. Sure…they plant other varietals here too but its maritime climate suits those two grapes better than it does others. Pinot has never been my game and up to now I still don’t appreciate Pinot Noirs as I should. Looking back to the tastings, most of the pinots were rather plain to me. The only ones that stood out were Main Ridge’s Acre and Half-Acre Pinot Noirs, it had a lovely hue and its plum + berry + cherry palate sat very well in the mouth. Structure was excellent with a clear line and a nice, long finish. Another red which caught my attention was Willow Creek’s Tulum Cabernet Sauvignon. Dark cassis and blackcurrent flavours with a structure that holds a really dry taste in the mouth plus a really really long finish.

The Chardonnays on the other hand were great. Characteristic of its Mornington origins, most were not of the strong straw colours found elsewhere. The fore-palate was strong with clean fruit flavours with a tinge of citrus. It lacked minerality (which I personally emphasize frequently) but the line holds throughout. Oak was non-intrusive and relatively well-handled. The unoaked Chardonnays were too clean for my tastes. I still wonder why people would want their Chardonnays unoaked. Sigh…young people these days.

My haul? No reds at all….I surprised myself. Ended up with a 2005 Chardonnay from Tuck’s Ridge and a 2005 Tulum Chardonnay from Willow Creek. Yeap, you read that right…two whites and no reds at all.

Aside from the winery trip, met up with Janice over an afternoon engagement. We ended going to this French creperie called Breizoz in Fitzroy. Its authentic and they have a good array of crepes. I got myself a goat cheese+onion crepe and a glass of Cider de Bretagne. I should bring the Breakfast Touring Group back there in the future.

Kinda exciting week…but sadly still cooped up at home during the nights.


Listening to: Cherry Blossom by Keiko Matsui


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