On Politics (Australian)

When the new Labour Government came into power, the newspapers back home had articles about Penny Wong and her rise to power within the Labour Party and now the Federal Government. Cheering her background and blowing her trumpets, they fail to realize the most important issue of all. She is over here not back there. She is here because she doesn’t want to be back there. A sentiment shared by many of my countrymen who have left the shores of Malaysia for better opportunities and a better life overseas. Plus the fact that she is homosexual. That would’ve dropped her popularity stocks back home like a sack of potatoes if only the people back in Malaysia knew about it.

So this is the New Labour. All leftist or conservative leftist with backgrounds which are ‘suspect’. Rock stars, homosexuals, single women, weed-smokers…the list goes on. They say that their history doesn’t matter but all of us can understand that upbringing will shape your future outlook and decision-making. The only God fearing man I see is Kevin Rudd (at least he looks like one). The rest are left wanting and they are the sycophants around him. It will be interesting times for 21st century Australia. Will the over-liberalized culture of the West run their people into ruin? Trust me, public gay marriages will be seen in Australian (if not Melbournian) churches within the next 10 years. It can be that bad, God forbid. In the mean time, one does the best to tell everyone else that there is a God and that He loves them very much. Now the Liberal party and its new head, Brendan Nelson is abandoning the conservative policies they held for so long under Mr Howard. A doctor! Oh no….doctors and politics never go well together. With both the Liberal and Labour parties holding the liberalist flag, our decline is thus accelerated. We are left to stand in the gap, once again…as we have always been throughout history.


PS: It is said that “a leftist will remain leftist until he/she gets his/her first mortgage”. True or false?


~ by shybeg122 on December 7, 2007.

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