A Time to Say Goodbye

The past three days have all been about farewells…some temporary but some permanent.

  1. Most of my med inner circle have left for their respective home countries. Sing Chee (my housie) flys off tomorrow. Most won’t return till after Chinese New Year.
  2. I attended Evangie’s farewell party on Friday night. This time she is leaving for good. Sigh…one more leaving.
  3. On Saturday, Andrew and Albert (Final Year Med) had their graduation ceremony. Plenty of familiar faces…they will all be my bosses in the future. My time will come soon enough. Can’t believe a year has passed by just like that!
  4. Jean is leaving for home tomorrow. Mine is next week. With both of us gone, the (temporary) exodus of Ephesus members for the holidays is thus complete. One more week to spend in Melbourne….

Tear-jerking moments? Barely…my eyes have seen too much over the years.

But all is well, for I know that Someone will be taking good care of them. Provided that they trust and obey (“for there is no other way…”)


Listening to: Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze [Cruel Angel Thesis] by Takahashi Yoko (Neon Genesis Evangelion OP)

Drinking: 2005 Brokenwood The Bentley’s Boot Shiraz


~ by shybeg122 on December 9, 2007.

One Response to “A Time to Say Goodbye”

  1. It’s a damn nice drop, isn’t it. LOL

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