3 more days…

till I return to Malaysia…time left in Melbourne is ticking and ticking quick.

By the way, please note that I changed my blog title. It is now the “Caravan of Dreams”. I shifted the previous title to be a tagline instead. Yep, the Caravan of Dreams. Loved that phase. Inspired partly by the “Cafe of Broken Dreams” title which I gave to the shop which I opened during Easter Camp 2006. It’s actually borrowed from an unlocked map in the all-time favourite RPG computer game “Fallout 2” where the character you play gets to meet characters from the previous “Fallout 1” game. And partly due to the name “Cafe of Broken Dreams” being used in quite a number of other blogs already. However of course, for those wine enthusiasts out there, “Caravan of Dreams” is also the name of a very good label produced by Domaines Tatiarra (a boutique winery in Heathcote).

So on Wednesday night, I hosted a dinner! What was the menu?

  1. Spezzatino di Manzo (Italian beef stew in red wine sauce)
  2. Potato Bake in Mushroom Sauce
  3. Garden Salad
  4. Crispy Pita with Dip
  5. Apple Pie

Sounds very nice right? I think it turned out well…but I wished I cooked more. Had the feeling that people weren’t satisfied with the quantity. Then again the people I am serving are the really hungry lot. Not bad for 4 hours worth of prep. Was very tired by the end of it all…cleaning etc. At least it was very much worthwhile. I was happy.

Thursday-wise, I spent the day at home. The evening, I went with Fang Fang and Joel to Sofia’s to stuff ourselves. We then went back home to practice DOTA. Yes…that Warcraft 3 mod which I have NOT touched for 2 years. Can you believe it? 2 years? I hung up my DOTA boots at beginning of 2005 (because of workload and cell priorities), which was when it started to heat up among the kids. Now it has a rabid fan-base everywhere. Smacked the heck out of the 2 boys. Shows that “form is temporary and class is permanent”. Had difficulty remembering all those item recipes though.

Meanwhile, I finally finished downloading Last Exile. A great anime and perhaps the last good anime that GONZO Digimation produced. I’ll talk more about this in a later post.

Right now…feeling a woozy. Went out for dinner on Lygon St. with Uncle Lothar. Had a bit too much Traminer and Shiraz in the system. Thus, I leave you now. Need rest…..


Listening to: Into the Night by Keiko Matsui


~ by shybeg122 on December 14, 2007.

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