On Anime (Part 2)

Side-track: I got the other computer working well now. However, I still can’t connect online with that rig just yet. The odd thing is that I can’t browse around although connection have been made between the modem and Streamyx (the ISP). Another oddity is the failure of the modem to reconnect after a subsequent disconnection. I have exhausted my wealth of knowledge and experience on this one.

Back to anime:

It’s been almost close to five years since I came to Australian shores. As I had explained earlier, the freedom and infrastructure here allowed me to explore my interests in depth. It wasn’t only anime, but also wine…food…the arts…cricket…AFL Football.

Anime is burgeoning in Australia. With a large Asian population as a starter base, there already exists a market for anime here and that allows penetration into the wider community. The Miyazaki movies like ‘Princess Mononoke’ and ‘Spirited Away’ are perhaps some of the well-known examples of anime among the general Australian population. With globalization in the background and increasing broadband availability its vehicle, the anime fan-base in Australia could only grow larger and I am only too pleased to see that. I have met and get to know many a fan and even vendors here. Sure…there are some weird people but I am glad to meet them and help encourage each other.

With years of having anime as a passion, what is my opinion of it? I don’t have a particular preference (well…I used to, but now I am more receptive) but I filter what I watch with some gusto. Just like wine, choice of anime is subjective but there are things which everyone can agree/disagree on. To make things simple, I like my anime balanced. Sure…some anime may have a cheap animation budget but a good storyline. Some have good animation but the plot is the first to go out the window. One can’t have everything in life so I can’t be that picky. I lean more on the storyline and character development side, that is a fact. Any anime without any hint of the two attributes above will not warrant any space in my hard drive. Animation quality is a bonus, but that doesn’t mean I want my anime to look like let’s say…’South Park’?

Anime to me is an intellectual exercise but also something which I want to grab my heart and to twist, turn, wring, drop and stir it in ways I can’t imagine. Heart, mind and soul. I believe that a holistic view of anime is just as needed as it is now in medicine and if I dare say, religion. Without a holistic point of view, we either become mindless automatons or an obsessed fanatic. Neither of which would be good for me or for you.

Anyway, there is too much anime for me to review…so my updates on anime from now onwards would include reflections on trends, merchandise, news and of course the good animes I’ve watched from season to season.



~ by shybeg122 on December 21, 2007.

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