Anime Update (2007/2008 Winter Season)

I have only watched a few shows (all pilot episodes) up to date…Wolf and Spice, True Tears, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, H20 ~Footprints In The Sand~, and Rosario To Vampire.

There are a few more to preview: PERSONA  -Trinity Soul-, ARIA The Origination, Gunslinger Girls  -Il Teatrino- and Minami-ke ~Okawari~. The rest IMHO aren’t worth watching until proved otherwise.

So far the pick of the bunch would have to be True Tears. It has real potential in terms of plot and the characters are ready to be fleshed out in due time. The character designs are decent and the animation smooth (no blatant inconsistencies so far). The beauty of the show lies mainly in the pacing of the episode and effective use of silence + body language. For example, the scene where Shinichiro’s mother was serving dinner while they were commenting on Hiromi. You can feel that the mother disapproves of her presence but you can sense that its not those kind of foolish hated that one sees in emo dramas. She didn’t have to say a lot of words to achieve that or slam the table. Personally, I feel very strongly about the role of silence or ‘non-event’ as I call it. Very frequently, I see most anime productions fall into the trap of assuming that something has to happen in order to move an episode, a plot or a character forward. Silence is a very effective tool once you have setup the background and the character(s) properly (with the right BGM too, of course). Silence gives depth and space for the viewer to really focus on the scene.

A slight smile or snigger. Eyes looking downwards or staring daggers. And then a pause. The viewer has time to breathe…and think…and postulate and above all, imagine. An audience is not meant only to consume and give feedback. They give essence to the show at hand for they play a part in how the show evolves. Life may be a roller-coaster ride but it is not the case for anime.

That is why, even though a huge majority of viewers may give a show like Code Geass 5 stars, I would only rate it 4. A lot of action and underlying motives…but the depth? Not as much as one can ascribe to Lucky Star. Then again, I subscribe to a different sub-section in the anime community. We all have different opinions and schools of thought when it comes to our anime. I can respect that.

The other notable anime of the season would be Wolf and Spice. The rest…disappointing. But who knows? Things may improve and there is time for that.

To think I am not back in Melbourne yet! I have a huge backlog of episodes waiting to be downloaded =_=

In the mean time, just sit back and relax like me…while streaming online.



~ by shybeg122 on January 12, 2008.

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