There are times when…

I think that the medical profession is glorified and mythified by society in order to lure (or if I may daresay, trap) the brightest young people of each generation into such a thankless and largely repetitive job.

Then again, there are the days where you thank God that you are able to see the many sides of human life and its dynamics, all because you are a doctor and that people entrust their lives into your hands.

Then again, you see human life in all its outright stupidity as well as arrogance. Both these attributes coming from both below and above you. You’d think that people should know better. I emphasize the word ‘should’ because it rarely happens.

Then again, unlike many other professions, one really feels like he/she is making a difference in almost every circumstance.

Then again, why are suicide and depression rates in the medical profession two times higher than the general population as a whole. We of all people should know better, right?

Then again…perhaps for the final time tonight, we are the ones that God gifted the opportunity to be healers. In this fulfilling one of His roles for His creation and His world. If that does not give a sense of purpose, then I won’t know if anything else will.



~ by shybeg122 on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “There are times when…”

  1. wee~ such a blessing to be a blessing for others. i guess i shld venture into my own purpose in life soon too >.<

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