What I read…

are too much Government propaganda from the mainstream newspapers with the general election looming in 2 weeks time.
Its amazing how the goons in the Malaysian press emphasize the amount of gratitude that we should have for our national leadership. Its either that or another case of “xxx number of Opposition members defected to the BN” or some random but useless fact of a particular BN candidate.

These goons were supposed to highlight faults and deficiencies in our country so that we can improve on them. The existence of the printing press is found in enlightening the people with knowledge and information. Instead, we have a wet blanket thrown on our face. Even Goebbels couldn’t have handled this any better.

Speaking of which, we are being told time and time again that we have to be grateful to the Government. Wait a minute, since when do we owe the Government anything? Hello…we pay our taxes (thats our gratitude and food on your plate). If you call yourself a democratically elected Government then it is you who owe an obligation to us. Who cares about the past? What we want to see is progress! And by that we don’t mean progress when made in comparison with Malaysia 50 years ago or some other obscure African country on some obscure ‘international’ ranking.

Unfortunately, keeping the Government accountable is a national taboo and you will disappear for two years should you voice that sentiment out publicly.

Isn’t it is so easy to snipe at our country’s shortcomings when you are in a foreign land?

That being said, as much as I would like to vote based on my opinions in national policy….voting for the sake of your constituency is still a priority. My hometown has seen tremendous growth in the past few years (that and the crime rate too, unfortunately). The MP did his job. Shouldn’t he deserve a chance to continue to see his work progress? Sigh….more thinking to do….



~ by shybeg122 on February 27, 2008.

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