The Anatomy of Pastoral Care

Sometimes…one wonders whether the mix of a cell leader and medical student/doctor/surgeon is an effective one.

Perhaps “effective” isn’t exactly the right word here…then again using “right” wouldn’t be appropriate for we are called by our willingness to serve and not by our ability. Sure…we all have gifts and it would be channelled accordingly provided we put our hand up to be counted.

I am sure you know how a doctor/surgeon asks you questions and speaks to you. Hence, that is why I sometimes fear that my training and the habits of my profession would get in the way of “effective” pastoral care. You may think that it would be for the best for that is what we doctors are good at: looking for trouble, predicting trouble and curing trouble (especially organic ones).

But it doesn’t help that we tend to be less a sounding board and more a “trouble-shooter” although in most cases, we can’t really do much. It’s God and by His grace that most things/issues get solved. I can see how my training influences my interactions in a pastoral care setting and sometimes I really dislike it. Unfortunately, I only realize that after the interaction has taken place.

Still….I remember the principle! Its availability rather than ability!

Fortunately for us in this profession, our sacrifice of availability is a big sacrifice indeed.

Melvin YDC


~ by shybeg122 on April 9, 2008.

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