E-mail Signature

I have since changed, my e-mail signature for quite awhile now…

It goes:

“Just like good luck comes by 3 times, bad luck also gives 3 signs.”
“You don’t watch because you don’t want to see, you don’t say anything even though you realize it, don’t listen even if you are told…and finally you face catastrophe.”
“But in our world, forget 3 times; if you miss the first sign, you are done for.”

Where did I get that from? Its actually a quote from Ghost In The Shell: Innocence.

So what am I doing with a GITS quote? I think it speaks some bleak truths about human nature and his interactions with his variable circumstances. Denial (one of the many truths) is indeed a very powerful tool in the human mind’s arsenal to protect the psychological self. Many of you will surely say “I don’t believe that people can be that stupid to ignore <insert issue here>”.

Well….I am sure you know the saying, “the problem with common sense is that it is not common“.

There you go. I have seen way too much to say that “people can be that stupid”.

But, just as a side note, if I look at that e-mail signature with medico eyes, it has meaning too.

In our world, miss the first sign and you may miss the diagnosis…..



~ by shybeg122 on May 12, 2008.

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