I have been rather impressed with the Spring 2008 anime lineup.

I thought last year’s lineup was impressive and I had thoroughly rewarding time following those of which I’ve selected. Just for recollection sake, titles which I’ve cherished from last year were: Lucky Star, Sola, Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA, Dennou Coil, Lovely Complex, Seirei no Moribito, Claymore and Hayate no Gotoku. I actually had Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann excluded from my list, to the dismay of my fellow anime enthusiasts. Sorry, mate…somehow I just couldn’t stomach another GAINAX mecha title.

This year’s though is no less impressive. The current -on watch- list includes: Macross Frontier, kurenai, Allison and Lilia, Code Geass R2, Nabari no Ou, Itazura na Kiss, Special A, Toshokan Sensou and Kamen no Maid Guy. Adding to the joy would be the release of the first Kara no Kyoukai episode on DVD.

Insofar, Macross Frontier and kurenai vie for the number 1 spot in my books.

Macross Frontier, a descendent of one of the greatest space-opera pioneers in anime history has a lot going for it. Brilliant art and graphic work coupled with the golden touch of Yoko Kanno…it’s hard to go wrong. The story premise is classic space opera but the producers have executed the most important part well: the grandiose and immensity of each plot device is something which I haven’t watched in quite a while. That is the pure basic ingredient of any space opera’s success…something which 21st century Gundam titles weren’t able to replicate. The characters are likable and they seem to have some depth to them.

kurenai instead takes a different path to success. The plot is still shrouded in mystique and there are plenty of blanks right from the beginning. Normally, it would be easy to throw such shows out of the window. However, kurenai has the other pure basic ingredient of a successful shounen mystery title…character depth and a very enjoyable web of interaction. The script and dialogue execution is top notch. Now…I wonder why people bag the Flash-looking OP sequence to the show, I like it a lot and it gives the show some uniqueness.

Nevertheless…its only 8 episodes shown so far for those two shows. Train wrecks can happen anytime. I hope they don’t happen this season.


PS: Viva le watching in HD !


~ by shybeg122 on May 24, 2008.

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