There Is No Easy Way To Success…

Yeap, this comment goes to some individuals….of whom, I just simply shake my head….

In medicine (the science and the art), there is no cheating and there is no easy way out.

Frankly, there are many people who I think are really not cut out for medicine at all.

There are the purely altruistic ones which I really feel sad for. Although they have the best of intentions, these are the junior doctors who will suffer a lot, emotionally. And guess who will have to pick their load up when they go holding the whining patient’s hand? The rest of us. Furthermore, how many of these would end up in a position where they can really make a difference? Their attitude if not corrected would in most cases cost them their advancement in career. Sure, you can go off to Africa and make some difference. But what they truly need is a combination of good politics, extermination of corruption, proper health policy, good weather and advancement of local resources/industry. Do even the first two, and nearly any country would be better off. “Law is the ultimate science”, I quote Crown Prince Raphael Corrino, a fictional character in Frank Herbert’s sci-fi series “Dune”.

Then there are the ones which somehow ended up in medicine despite their apparent incompetence. Sure…they have good grades and worked hard till now. But the underlying harsh world of medicine shows up their inadequacies. The worst part is that they blame others for what they lack. They can get really irritating at times and sometimes you just wish they go berserk and then quit medicine. Seems like a fitting end for such people.

Irrational ranting? Perhaps…

You really need cynicism in life. Especially of one’s own.

More recaps of the 1st year of clinical school coming soon.



~ by shybeg122 on June 20, 2008.

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