I Went To Parliament House Today…

To represent medical students as part of the organization “Doctors In Conscience”, against the Abortion Bill currently being debated in the Victorian Parliament. I didn’t get to do anything fancy. I was there to show support for our opinions in this matter as future medical professionals.

It was a forum inviting healthcare professionals and workers to join together to show solidarity within the professional against what essentially is an approval of flawed and fallen human logic.

We do not want to have any hand in the intentional killing of foetuses and believe that almost all terminations of pregnancy to be unwarranted. Religious and moral debates aside, pregnancy and the bringing of children into the world is a privilege to be cherished and supported. It is not an “illness” and definitely not a “disease” in need of ‘medical intervention’. There is a special status in the bearing of children in every society. Let’s keep it that way and let’s all do our best to support mothers and families. Termination of pregnancies should at best only be kept as the ‘final option’.

There is an estimated 50 million terminations being performed each year in the world.

That’s a huge number of babies that will NEVER see the light of day nor see the beauty of creation.

The excuse is “There are so many already, might as well legalize so that we can regulate/tax/profit it”.

The reality is…Let’s not add to those numbers.

Those who support abortion are already born. It’s the irony of so-called “freedom of choice”.



~ by shybeg122 on October 6, 2008.

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