Pleasant Melbourne Cup Afternoon

Had the boys over for wine and cheese…

Well sort of, since we had chips, pate, more chips and even fried chicken too.

The wines consumed were: 1998 Balnaves Cabernet Merlot, 2007 Brookland Valley Semillion Sauvignon Blanc and 2007 Orlando Brut Cuvee.

Wine, cheese with scarves in background

The Balnaves’ was quite old, and that showed very readily in its colour. The hue is no longer deep and with a swirl, you can see the peripheral part has almost lost its lustre. The Coonawarra characteristics showed up quite quickly on smell. The voluptuous front palate expression of fruit was a bit less than what I would have expected (but it is 10 years old afterall). Then came an unexpected (albeit unwelcomed) intrusion of spice just right at the beginning of the middle palate. I thought that was an influence of the merlot for I’d think that by 10 years, the Cabernet side of things would have been dampened. Structure was preserved throughout and the line clear. However, the finish was shorter than what I would’ve liked too. Rating: 88-89 (Perhaps with a bit of decant and a better serving temperature will do it more justice).

The white was quite refreshing. Glorious bouquet as expected. Upon taste, the acidity was just right on the low side of things. The straw/mineral tones of the Semillion was present throughout and that’s a good thing in my books. Fruit expression was as expected of a Sauvignon Blanc blend. Clarity and line was alright as well. Rating: 90.

The Brut…well, its a good addition for the day. Especially when we popped it open right after the Melbourne Cup race win.

There you go, a pleasant arvo gone. I feel really tired now for no good reason. Nitey night, boys and girls.



~ by shybeg122 on November 4, 2008.

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