On Anime Male Leads

Why do so many of them (whilst high schoolers) are so undecided on their future?

Japan is a prosperous (or thought to be prosperous), country with a highly regarded education system. Surely, surely…they must have an inkling of an idea about what they seek to achieve in their adulthood. But this isn’t reflected in a lot of male anime protagonists. Sure…a proportion of them eventually develop one later but its initial lacking is alarming.

It could be that it makes their intention of a one-dimension character (of which most of them are) much easier when it comes to plot and character development.

Or is it really a reflection of modern Japanese society? Hmm….I have to ask my Japanese friends that.

What or who is to blame? I strongly feel that the dearth of dreams and ambition is horrible for a male character. With ambition comes industry and with both comes success and satisfaction. Without which, a man is close to nothing but an organism to procreate.

We shall explore this closely in due time.



~ by shybeg122 on November 30, 2008.

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