101 Animes You Must Watch Before You Die (Part 1)

Ah! My Goddess (Aa! Megami Sama)

Before I go on further, this list is in no particular order nor is it a ranking system. Please don’t get me wrong.

A Kousuke Fujishima manga masterpiece (beginning in 1989) which spawned numerous OVAs and at least 2 TV seasons (24 episodes each).

It pretty much defined the archetypal lady who is kind, gentle and can do absolutely no wrong. Not a hint of evil/malice resides within her (Holy Bell, her guardian angel is a reflection of that) and she is 100% supportive of her man without even blaming him once for any of the faults which may/will happen. Practically the domestic ‘goddess’ (no pun intended) and beautiful in every way, yet can be really powerful when her abilities are called upon. What more can any man ask for as a partner for life?

However, its all but real. Belldandy is (till now) the ultimate manifestation of the perfect domestic woman. I dare you to track the history of anime and find one other who can measure up to her. Needless to say, Keiichi’s fortune can only be received through supernatural and unrealistic means. He pretty much fell into his lap, without competition and without much effort. Though the rest of the anime is riddled with Keiichi’s personal insecurity and doubts of self-worth, his love for her is undying and unwavering. Of course mate, any man would do the same. Belldandy is a “one and only” and when the chance comes, grab it with both hands (sell everything if you have to) and never let go for dear life.

The story doesn’t have much compelling plots and it can be considered “slice of life” in genre. Sure, there are story arcs of devils (and a particular hidden devil) trying to corrupt our goddesses but that’s as far as it goes about noteworthy story devices. Everyday shenanigans that our dear goddess and her K-1 (K-ichi, get it?) get involved in is all that I expect from the seasons. Let us laugh, cry and be touched by their romance.

The characters are pretty much the focus of the show but I won’t say it is that substantial. Keiichi’s trials and tribulations to make himself a man worthy of Belldandy is important and so are the background of the Goddess Service (and some of the goddesses themselves). Otherwise, Belldandy’s attributes become boring after awhile and becomes taken for granted. The rest are pretty much forgettable.

The music is a big variety of feel good and catchy tunes. “Congratulations”, the ED for the OVAs is probably the best of the lot and one which I will remember to my grave.

Why watch it before you die?

  1. Belldandy is the woman of your dreams.
  2. Its one of the pioneers of the “perfect woman, useless guy” genre
  3. So you’ll go to the grave, wondering “Why wasn’t my marriage life like that too?”



~ by shybeg122 on December 12, 2008.

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