Gospel Songs in…


I recently came across some videos of gospel songs sung in Japanese.

And they were as beautiful as their Western counterparts. Their original songs are just as good and I’d think that it would be interesting if we can use some of their songs during service (especially when Praying for Japan week comes).

As someone who’s very used to hearing and reading Japanese, its very refreshing to hear their language being used to praise God. Christianity in Japan is small and is perhaps the only developed country without a significant Christian foothold (unlike their neighbours South Korea).

Let us continue to hold our Japanese brothers and sisters (plus the missionaries in the frontlines there) in our prayers and tangible supports.

Hurrah for the first Christian anime episode, when it happens. The Jesus manga was already published last year, I think.



~ by shybeg122 on December 23, 2008.

One Response to “Gospel Songs in…”

  1. Hmm…the gospel songs sound very…japanese 😛

    Feels strange – as the only japanese songs I ever hear are from animes from your room. So honestly, does sound to me like an anime song, altho I’m sure its beautiful.

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