A Visit To…

the Mornington Peninsula.

This trip was interesting for many reasons.

  1. The other couple travelling with our party had other significant interests included in the trip
  2. This will be the first wine trip of 2009
  3. Perhaps there would be the first wine purchase of the new year (and so it did pan out that way)
  4. And it was a bottle of pinot noir <gasp, the horror!>

The hitlist was:

  • Moorooduc Estate
  • Port Philip Estate (+ Kooyong)
  • Paringa Estate
  • Tucks Ridge

Overall, the recent vintage of our dear maritime, cool-climate region has been quite solid in their distinct Chardonnay and Pinot Noir departments. The pick of the bunch would have to go to Moorooduc Estate and Paringa. “The Moorooduc” Chardonnay had a Burgundian if not almost Chablis like glimmer to it and that got me a bit excited. Would’ve cost me a near AUD$55-60 as well…too bad I didn’t get one. Why? Perhaps I had enough of Chardonnays over the last year…

Pinot oh pinot…why do thee forsaken me? Its the only varietal thus far that defies my palate’s ‘experience vault’. I am still building it as I go along but somehow or rather my rate of gain is poor compared to the other red table wines. Nevertheless, I broke the bank with the 2007 Paringa Estate Pinot Noir (Estate) which cost me a dear AUD$60. But it was well worth it. Nice colour, opulent front fruit concentration, the balance was great and above all a texture which stole the cake.  Lindsay McCall continues churning out beauties year after year.

Looking forward to the next trip  =D



~ by shybeg122 on January 3, 2009.

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