101 Animes You Must Watch Before You Die (Part 3)

Maria-sama Ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us)

Now, before you start screaming “Ahhh, yuri !!!” at me…let me explain. I am in no way condoning single-gender romantic relationships. Sure, the show seem to swing that way but I’ll assume the defence that this is a reflection of a pure and (often) platonic relationship between individuals of the female gender. Besides, who doesn’t like watching to 2 beautiful girls have a go at each other…no, I am only joking.

This post comes on the back of the fourth season that is being released currently. Maria-sama Ga Miteru originated from a series of popular light novels by Oyuki Konno which centers around students of a Catholic girl’s school in Japan. Key to the storyline is their seour system where 2nd and 3rd year students (sophomore and seniors, for you Americans) each adopt a petit seour to take care of and be a ‘mentor’ to. Needless to say, not everything proceeds in a business-like or professional manner. As befitting the age these girls are in, the absence of male figures give rise to developments of romantic emotions towards their own gender, often their onee-sama (older sister). But that of course, makes compelling viewership. In addition to this system, the school council pretty much consists of 3 seour families…all of them named after roses (Chinensis, Foetida and Gigantea). There are 3 levels (reflecting individuals from each high school year) to the council and this is where the story takes off from.

So, why is this show on the list? Because I feel like it after I started to watch the 4th season…nah, there are more concrete reasons.

Despite its heavy yuri undertones, the cast of the series is wonderfully rich in character and leaves a lot of room for development as the story progresses. Interactions between characters and the inevitable clashes makes good story-telling in this somewhat cocooned world. In some ways, perhaps this is the true/ultimate platonic relationship between females? Who am I to comment on this anyway? But I am left to ponder these sort of things…

The pace is generally slow but it is absorbing. There are dramas but it often builds a gradual crescendo. Quality of animation is decent without too much to shake a stick at. However the seiyuu work that goes into the show is quite amazing and gives beef to the main thrust of the show, its interactions between characters.

It may seem like weak arguements for the most trite of my readers but its worth a shout in the 101 list.

The time you’ve all been waiting for….

Why watch this before you die?

  1. Gokigenyou” is one Japanese greeting word which I am going to take all the way to my grave.
  2. Perhaps the best initiation into yuri or shoujo-ai that most anime viewers will get their dirty hands on.
  3. Seeing the daily changes of ribbon colour on Yumi’s twintails is enough to make me at peace with my passing. 

~ by shybeg122 on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “101 Animes You Must Watch Before You Die (Part 3)”

  1. seriously, if you don’t like two girls going at each other i will be very surprised. Aren’t you a man !!!!
    but it is indeed a good show, with interesting story telling style.
    Art overall is good

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