General Ranting Before The Jump…


Lately, I have been giving some thought to the migratory birds of Malaysian and their new homes in their new countries. Call them (or us, in due time) traitors or opportunists or thieves…but in the post-modern globalized world, its a human ‘right’. The laws provide for their departure, they want to leave and people want to receive them…is there anything wrong with that?

My current concerns are for the birds settling in their new homes. My preference would be them embracing local culture rather than setting up a local enclave with prejudices and divisions which reeks of ignorance. Australia (like the United States) was born on the basis of an ideal which was created in response to what was then a class-conscious and imperialist Britain. It is thus a land where there is a hope and a passion to live life in pursuit of that ideal(s). I hope that those migratory birds realize that and adapt instead of assuming that their new home is just another resource to exploit. Malaysia was originally built on the basis of profit (why else would anyone come?) and the Straits Chinese have it deep in our blood that profit is the only ambition. That being said however, we bring some traits which would add some useful colour to the collage of the local societal fabric.

I can agree and concede that old habits die deep…hence I hope and pray that the newer generations would be more understanding and would be more poised to strike the right balance as both a citizen and a former migratory bird.


His inauguration will be taking place soon. Perhaps one of the more important presidents in American history, due mainly to the colour of his skin. I am skeptical of how he will pan out. Are you going to label me as racist now? I have never considered politics along racial or gender lines thus I am not that excited about this latest head of state . The normal citizen can only judge by track records, policies, results, doctrine and personal experience. I like the socialist side of his policies (fairer wages, universal health care, corporate regulation, higher taxation of the wealthy, etc) but unfortunately I am unable to identify myself with his liberalist (abortion, marijuana decriminalization, etc.), environmentalist (pandering to extremist greens) and popularist (can you see how ‘center’ he is on many issues?) positions.

We simply don’t know enough of him to qualify all that hype. I like what he preaches about change and how everyone has a responsibility in it. Good! Very good indeed! I want to see the change in American society and American thought…it has greatly lost its way from the intentions of its forefathers. A land of prevailing greed, vanity, arrogance, and moral decay. That is what I call change and if Obama delivers then I can qualify his hype and call him a great. But he has achieved nothing so far and that is one more reason why all these hype is illogical.

Nevertheless, I wish him luck and all the best to one of the toughest jobs in the world. May the world look kindly on your succession. Rule with peace and wisdom. And oh, when in doubt…don’t forget your Creator.



~ by shybeg122 on January 20, 2009.

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