Winter Season Anime Updates

So far, I have co-opted only 5 titles from the Winter (2008-2009) season. Those being…

  1. Asu no Yoichi
  2. Maria-holic
  3. Maria-sama ga Miteru (4th season)
  4. Rideback
  5. White Album

Individual comments

  • Asu no Yoichi comes across as a less-serious version of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) in a harem setting. At least Yoichi has some guts and he is a traditional gentleman (soon to be unbecoming one), hence the show is a little less stereotypical. The harem cast is fairly typical, well-endowed kind elder sister (but a bit violent), a tsun-tsun dere-dere, a quiet but thoughtful 3rd sister and a younger but highly dependable loli. There are few more girls to come and 2 will be introduced in the next episode (no. 3). Its harmless fun and laughs, a good counter-balance for the other serious shows in the season.
  • Now, Maria-holic is a Studio SHAFT project featuring a closet-bound yuri who is transfered to this prestigious all-girls school. Amongst her first meetings was an encounter with a super-cute ‘girl’ who turned out not to be and has forcedly billeted our protagonist with her. For reasons unknown, Mariya the ‘girl’ has a very reputable image as a first-year in that school and would be doing her utmost to protect that…of course, at our dear protagonist (named Kanako, by the way) expense. Quirky, hilarious, large amounts of fanservice and full of SHAFT-tian elements….its classic dark humour with some yet-to-be unravelled plot devices. Oh, did I mention that Kanako is allergic (hives, etc) to guys? I can’t wait for the part where she does fall in love with Mariya (the ‘guy’) and she has to reconcile her yuri-ness…oh wait, isn’t that doing both? We shall see…
  • Maria-sama ga Miteru finally continues in a full season, the 4th one, covering the 19th to 21st volumes of their novels in their first 4 episodes (3 are broadcasted so far). The plot thickens and new relationships grow. Its great to see Yumi and Yoshino grow up over the past 2 series and watch how they handle their end of the soeur search stick. More interesting twists and turns to come though! I had a sneak preview of the coming adaptations from the acclaimed light novel series.
  • Rideback. I am getting tired here from typing. Interesting start with a ballet scene. The animation production is very good and we can see the effort put into it. Hopefully it doesn’t degenerate into a poor cute-girl-piloting mecha show. We have some introduction to the world of Rideback but nothing about plot just yet. But the production values keep me in.
  • White Album has quite a bit of hype before it started. People were getting excited considering that 2 of the more popular seiyuus, Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana will be at the helm of this show centered on 2 aspiring singers. Unfortunately, the reviews of the show did not match the earlier hype and a few were disappointed with the direction adopted. I would describe White Album as slow dramatic romance. A bit of the type which predominate soap operas. We even have a quasi-harem setting, 1 man (nothing special) and what seems to be many girls interested in him. I forecast more drama coming our way and depending how it goes, it would be a captivating one.

The Others

My temporary folders have Munto and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. Judgement yet to be passed.

Otherwise, we have lots of rubbish as always (including now, cans).



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