Lately I Have Been Falling In Love With…

The voice of Younha (or Go Yoon Ha to the Koreans).

Previously only known on the ani-song scene for one of the Bleach EDs, Houki Boushi. Now she bursts back into the blocks with a Japanese rework on one of her Korean songs called Memory (기억). Its the ED for the current season anime, Rideback. Speaking of which, I can see a lot of potential in this show. In the hands of Studio Madhouse, I think they can deliver the goods. Being a manga adaptation, its easy to find some information on how the plot unfolds. Without revealing spoilers…I think it will be very intriguing. Most of the anime news websites quote the following as the story synopsis:

“Set in 2020, Rideback tells the story of a college student named Rin
Ogata and her “iron horse” robot motorcycle (rideback) called “Fuego”,
in a tumultuous time of anti-government student protests”.

Considering how the cast would be divided up (bitterly I think) between the rival politcal factions which will be vying for their Rideback skills, there should be a strong basis for storytelling, emotion and good BGM use (which I think is key, and Madhouse has done well so far). Feeling how the flow has been going so far and with a strong personal preference, I think it will be very good that it becomes a story of a beautiful flower blossoming to an ultimate doom. That at its pinnacle of beauty and grace, that flower will reach its end. I really do feel (in this plot) that it would be a great cathartic power if the passion and the dreams of youth culminate in a glorious sacrifice of life after a upheaval of identity and a betrayal of normalcy. To make it simple, I think when Rin finally achieves that spark of which she so craves…it will be the moment of her doom.

Anyway, I am stealing the thunder from Younha. Currently I am listening to her albums. Quite some good stuff.


PS: This cricket nut was invited to play on Saturday morning. This nut hasn’t bowled to a human for ages. Wish me luck, a few wickets and a few bruised chins.


~ by shybeg122 on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lately I Have Been Falling In Love With…”

  1. I fail for not realizing that Younha sang the ED song of Rideback orz. Oh, and you meant ED song of Bleach right? Houki Boshi, that is.

  2. Ah thanks for that, I got muddled whilst listening to “Long Kiss Goodbye” by HALCALI. Which is (I am very sure now) a Naruto ED.

    =_= shows how much attention I paid to Bleach or Naruto these days…

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