Life and Times of…well, the beginning of life

I finally had the opportunity to attend to deliveries in the birthing suite of which I am attached to.

Suffice to say, I have never seen a live-action delivery before and just like everyone else (horror horror), most of what I know of the process has come from books and from TV (gasp! my doctor is a useless troll!). For us males, its a mystery of life which we will inevitably encounter and will be held responsible for. Indeed, it was a very eye opening experience for me and if I may add, my fellow colleagues too.

What strikes me the most would be the amount of pain that women go through during labour. Of course, reactions vary and some tolerates pain better than others. That being said, some scream much much more compared to their other counterparts. I haven’t burst my eardrums yet, thank God. Pain and pain management is no stranger to me, especially after my palliative care experience. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I don’t get to give analgesia the way I would want to…i.e. background morphine with rapid-release for breakthrough pain. Nope, can’t do that for there is the baby that needs to come out. Hence, they will have to endure and trust me the pain is bad enough that their eyes looks like they want to kill someone.

Nevertheless, the mystery of life culminates in this single moment and the endurance of pain pales in comparison to the joy after.

Which leads me to think again about fatherhood and the fact of family life. It really is the next step of change after marriage. A real big change, mind you.

The next part of this post is dedicated to one particular midwife which I don’t believe should be in the nursing profession. Talk about poor attitude, lousy personality, lots of barking and yelping, utterly unhelpful and seemingly full of malice and spite. It is people like you that:

  • Make the workplace such a difficult environment
  • Drive my colleagues in the medical profession absolutely nuts
  • Worse…contribute to high rates of depression and poor mental health in our peers
  • Even worse…driving some of our dear colleagues to the brink of suicide
  • Cause breakdown in communication hence compromising patient care
  • Promote a culture of fear in hospitals (which we NEVER EVER need)

But yet…it is also people like you that we need to practise forgiving. So I hope that I really do…for I do not want to bring my anger along with me past sundown.

The rest of the staff were wonderful. But its unfortunate that 1 rotten apple really spoils the whole basket.



~ by shybeg122 on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Life and Times of…well, the beginning of life”

  1. Really? All I could think of when I saw the baby come out was HOLY SH*T THAT CAME OUT THROUGH THERE???!!!!????

  2. About the malicious midwife you talked about, its amazing how much a bad apple can affect an entire group of trained professionals. Perhaps you should try and lead the way and help her not be the bad apple?

  3. Oh yes indeed, I am determined to be the nice guy to everyone and especially to those under my care. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way and don’t see the need to change themselves.

    My next shift is tomorrow night 9.30pm to 7am =_=

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