The God of small Things

<Written whilst waiting for my overdue book to be cleared, so I can borrow some books from the Bailieu. it’s my day off, you see>

Yes I know the title bears reference to a recent popular novel written by….I think Arundathi Roy (I could be wrong)

Lately I have been thinking about life….whoa, since when do I NOT think about life.

I would deign to think that most people drift around in life like a buoy lost in the middle of a great ocean. In fact I think all of you would’ve heard me say this at one point or another. Besides drifting around, I also would deign to think that most people move from 1 crisis/issue to another or from 1 joy/happiness to another without gaining a proper appreciation of the things that occur/happen/eventuate in between.

And many a Christian’s life is more or less the same.

Hence, thats why I titled this post “The God of Small Things”.

Think it odd or bizarre, but I am trying to make a conscious effort to reshape my thinking about the seemingly miniscule daily happenings or ‘routine’. There is perhaps an untapped (theoretical) amount of meaning in those things which we do naturally/habitually/routinely each day. And this extends to even the usual faces that we meet, the usual problems we always solve, the usual words we speak, the usual wine that we drink (oops, I had to have a wine reference somewhere), the usual ____ that we ____.

The list goes on.

Hidden behind the ‘Big Things’ in life, there may just be a hitherto undiscovered source of hidden joy or even grief. Perhaps another dimension to the transition/upheaval of emotion that life so seemingly craves. That catharsis of which I regularly speak about.

The Bible speaks of many great events and happenings to mere humans…but I wonder a lot about what goes on in between. I think big when I come to God’s dealings with us, even and especially in the what seems mundane. Take Paul’s life for example, the routine that he goes through in between persecutions and his public speaking events. Surely there must be more.

Who knows…who knows.

I for one am willing and interested in finding out more about it. I know this quote is out of context but I’ll use it anyway

“God is in the details” by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (an architect)



~ by shybeg122 on March 1, 2009.

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