There And Back Again: A Man’s Tale of A Love Gained and A Love Lost

For those in the know about what this post is and what importance it holds for me, thanks for bearing with me over the months and thanks for being there for me when I needed it the most.

I was wondering whether I should make a recap based on chronological order…but I am deciding against it. I am a person who fusses over concepts and general principles, hence I will stick by my guns.

But where should I begin? Andy Williams said it was a sweet love story that is older than the sea and that it sings a truth about the love that she brings to me. I am not too sure about being older than the sea and the truth being said, its like as the post title suggest, a love gained but now lost.

I am not going to launch into a whole tirade or tell a sob story to garner pity. But its a continuous reminder for me to keep moving on, for this is but a temporary setback and there is much more that lies ahead. As the year unfolded as it did, it does show that much has yet to be accomplished and I am nowhere near them.

At least these are what I gained…

I never believed in the notion of “love at first sight” until it actually happened to me. Immediate chemistry may seem hard to believe but when it clicks, it REALLY clicks. And you will know that it does lest you are hopelessly dense. So much so that you can’t get enough and the thought of the other person keeps swirling in your mind. That is “falling in love” for you and (even in hindsight) it was a very sweet and endearing experience. No regrets there. I can now personally verify the saying that “It is better to love and lost than to not love at all”.

Next, this whole thing really proves to me how easy it is to be distracted and i mean totally distracted from even the most treasured life values you hold. I was pretty much very close to abandoning what I have set my life to be in order to keep holding on to this tale of love. Wait a minute, wouldn’t you say that sacrifice is essential in a relationship? That is true, but this is one I am unwilling to pay. Am I a villain in doing so? Probably. But I am of the opinion that there is no right and wrong in the question of love.

Quick reason why things didnt work out: We have different values and different goals. Simple.

God has a nasty way of shutting the door in your face and it bloody hurts. But it is in my brokenness that I find Him there waiting for me and staring me back in the face. He patiently waits for me and extends His hand to me in my time of need. No words spoken but a promise made a long time ago, that He watches over me if and only if I call Him my Lord and my Saviour.

So much so…that for those of us who order our lives to minimize ‘bad things’ from happening, I really do think that it is the pinnacle of relying on your own human strength. I am not saying that you don’t make an effort…but come to think about it, those who do so tend to stay at an arm’s length from God and His purposes, but still pay homage when it is due. If that is their calling, then so be it but if you are feigning ignorance…I hope you think hard about your decisions in life.

Whoops….nearly when into preaching mode.

There is no right or wrong in love. So thanks girl, thanks for sweet moments that we shared and also the bitterness. I have no regrets.

Whatever it is, I am back and I am here to stay.



~ by shybeg122 on August 16, 2009.

One Response to “There And Back Again: A Man’s Tale of A Love Gained and A Love Lost”

  1. Haleluyah !!!! Praise The Lord!!!! He Is Back !!!!!

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