A Sense of Belonging

Today is the day I start my 5-week stint flying solo in general practice.

Stepping into my allocated room…there was this short emotion of euphoria and excitement. There was nothing special about the room really. 1 table with a computer (which is awfully buggy) and filled various types of forms. An examination bed and a sink next to it. 3 chairs and 1 comfy office chair.

I placed my stethoscope on the table and proceeded to arrange a few other essential stuff on it.
Tongue depressors: check
Othalmo/oto-scope: check
Penlight: check
Textbook: check
MIMS: check
and etc etc….

Opened a paper pad, placed my pen on it.

I logged onto our medical admin software. Looked up the first unassigned patient and placed my name next to it.

Took a deep breath, went out the door to the waiting room and wailed in my strange accent “Mr ____?”.

Hence, into the oblivion I go.

And I strangely felt, this is where I truly belong.

Funny how it took 6 years to get there…



~ by shybeg122 on September 2, 2009.

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